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We specialize in offering professionally printed custom quinceañera invitations for your upcoming celebration. Our selection of personalizable stationary are designed and printed with your unique needs in mind, making them the perfect addition to your special day. Whether you’re looking for a specific design, color, or style, we have a wide selection of options to choose from that will perfectly match the theme or decor of your party. Let us help you create the perfect invitation that will inform and invite your guests to join in on the celebration of this important milestone.

Finding a look that fits your celebration is a fun and rewarding experience. There plenty of incredible quinceanera invitations, which allow you to customize the design to your specifications. We’re pleased to be able to offer you a wide assortment of styles that give you control over the look and feel with a set of simple controls that make the editing process a snap.

No matter what style you’re after there is a good chance you will find the right invitation for your big celebration.

Some Popular Categories

We, with utmost delight, present an exquisite assortment of imaginative and unparalleled quinceañera invitation concepts, crafted with the utmost finesse and ingenuity. We comprehend the weight of orchestrating a quinceañera, yet the selection of an impeccable design serves as the pivotal initial stride in setting the ambiance for this momentous affair. In our team’s diligent curation, we have assembled a splendid assortment of invitations that seamlessly blend the timeless allure of tradition with the vibrant allure of modernity. With an exquisite fusion of elegance and mirth, we have endeavored to present a selection that effortlessly captures the essence of your unique persona and the enchanting ambiance of your chosen theme. Whether one’s desires lean towards the understated or the opulent, the timeless or the trendsetting, our assortment shall undoubtedly cater to all. Embark upon a journey through our exquisite collection, wherein lies a treasure trove of inspiration that shall undoubtedly etch an indelible mark upon the hearts and minds of your esteemed guests.


Within the pages of our blue quinceañera catalog, one shall discover a myriad of exquisite invitations, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a young maiden’s enchanting journey into womanhood. These exquisite invitations are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering an extensive array of sizes and hues to suit every discerning taste. In a vast array of captivating blue hues, these exquisite patterns unfurl, their intricate designs meticulously crafted to mirror the profound significance of the momentous occasion.

In the realm of virtues, one cannot help but be captivated by the ethereal allure of blue. Purity, trustworthiness, and loyalty, like shimmering facets of a sapphire, are seamlessly intertwined with this celestial hue. It is as if the very essence of blue whispers tales of unwavering devotion, steadfastness, and trustworthiness, painting a portrait of virtues that are forever entwined with its mesmerizing charm. In the realm of a young maiden’s rite of passage soirée, the hue of sapphire assumes the role of a profound emblem, signifying her unwavering resolve to uphold the cherished values instilled within her and the untainted essence bestowed upon her at birth. As the years pass and the weight of obligations increases, it may also symbolize the unwavering trust bestowed upon her by her beloved kin and cherished community, a testament to her unwavering commitment to righteousness. The profound importance of upholding one’s unwavering integrity and embracing the weight of responsibility finds its poignant expression in the ubiquitous utilization of the resplendent hue of blue as a symbolic motif within the grand tapestry of the quinceañera celebration.

Within this exquisite collection, one shall discover a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and contemporary allure, offering a plethora of choices to captivate the discerning palate of individuals with varying preferences. Delicate lace patterns, intricately woven like the threads of fate, intertwine with the ethereal beauty of floral motifs upon the canvas of certain invitations. Meanwhile, bold typography, reminiscent of a resolute heart, stands tall alongside the commanding presence of geometric shapes, evoking a sense of strength and purpose in others. Both are graciously encompassed within the realm of certain invitations. No matter the grandeur or intimacy of your quince años soirée, or the number of guests you anticipate, our azure selections possess an allure that caters to all who yearn to bestow upon their jubilation an air of distinction and individuality.


One of the paramount endeavors in orchestrating a quinceañera is the discernment of a befitting arrangement for the festivity. The celebration of one’s fifteenth birthday is an extraordinary milestone, a momentous occasion that holds great significance in the tapestry of one’s life. With a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and an exquisite tapestry of elaborate patterns, the Mariachi design emerges as a cherished embodiment of the timeless allure found within the depths of Mexican melodies. Its resplendent charm captivates the hearts of many, leaving no room for doubt as to its undeniable popularity.

When perusing invitations adorned with a mariachi theme, one must exercise utmost discernment, for the spectrum of styles is vast and varied. It behooves the discerning eye to meticulously scrutinize the myriad design elements, lest a hasty decision be made. Mariachi festivities, imbued with an air of jubilation, demand a decor that mirrors this exuberance through the resplendence of vibrant hues. Let the palette be adorned with the passionate embrace of fiery reds, the vivacious allure of sunny yellows, the verdant embrace of lush greens, and the serene depths of tranquil blues. Incorporating captivating snapshots of mariachi bands in the midst of their enchanting performances, or showcasing the intricate beauty of traditional Mexican patterns such as the resilient cacti or the iconic sombreros, can undeniably serve as remarkable means to emphasize and reinforce the intended message. Sombreros, those magnificent and emblematic artifacts, stand tall as yet another timeless emblem of the rich tapestry that is Mexican culture and design.

As one embarks upon the noble endeavor of extending a heartfelt salutation, it becomes equally imperative to ensure that the verbiage adorning the card resonates with the very essence of the joyous quinceañera festivities. Incorporating select, meticulously crafted quotations or phrases in Spanish can bestow upon your invitation an aura of genuine authenticity. Simultaneously, through their inclusion, one can effectively impart the profound cultural significance that this event holds.


For those who yearn for an extraordinary and traditional approach to beckon guests to their momentous affair, there is no need to search any further than our exquisite assortment of templates adorned with a captivating Charra motif. In the realm of exquisite choices, one cannot help but be captivated by the allure of Charra. This remarkable brand, with its profound reverence for Mexican culture, weaves a tapestry of enchantment through its designs. Drawing inspiration from the annals of Mexican history, Charra pays homage to the noble art of horseback riding, the resplendent tapestry of traditional clothing, and the harmonious melodies that echo through the corridors of time. It is within this realm of cultural homage that Charra emerges as an exceptional choice, a beacon of elegance and authenticity. The invitations, meticulously crafted with an air of elegance, have been adorned with vibrant hues that dance with life. A symphony of gold, black, and red intertwines, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of opulence and allure. In the realm of these exquisite templates, one shall find a captivating collection of images, adorned with the resplendent sombreros, majestic horses, and a myriad of cultural symbols, all meticulously curated to embody the very essence of the Charra concept. In the realm of stationery, one may discover a plethora of templates that exude an air of elegance and refinement. Among these exquisite options, one may even stumble upon designs that boast embossed or engraved embellishments, further enhancing their allure and charm. These exquisite designs present themselves as a splendid choice for those yearning to extend a heartfelt invitation to their cherished ones, beckoning them to partake in a joyous commemoration of a momentous milestone in their existence, all the while proudly displaying the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage.

Allow us the privilege of assisting you in crafting the exquisite invitation for your quinceañera, a masterpiece that shall embody the essence of your unparalleled taste and individuality. Rest assured, dear one, that all those held dear shall be summoned to partake in this grand occasion, for our vast array of designs, meticulously crafted and imbued with personal touches, shall ensure their inclusion. Be it in the eloquence of English or the poetic grace of Spanish, our offerings shall cater to every heart’s desire.

Our exquisite designs, crafted with utmost care and attention, are graciously offered in two splendid forms: the opulent allure of high-quality prints and the accessible charm of low-cost digital downloads. This delightful duality grants you the freedom to effortlessly imprint them onto your chosen canvas or graciously share them with your esteemed guests through the enchanting realm of social media.

We possess a myriad of offerings, catering to the diverse tastes of individuals, be it an inclination towards the contemporary or a fondness for the timeless allure. Our quinceañera invitation themes, dear reader, are destined to etch themselves into the depths of your soul, for they encompass a vast spectrum of beauty, from the delicate allure of blooming flowers to the audacious allure of intricate geometric designs. Therefore, permit us to lend our aid in manifesting your vision and orchestrating an indelible quinceañera extravaganza.

Why not grace us with your presence today, dear visitor, and embark on a journey of exploration through the myriad of options we have meticulously crafted for your discerning taste? Allow us, with our expertise and finesse, to guide you towards making a resounding statement that shall leave an indelible mark upon the world.

Now Available as Digital Downloads

The allure of downloadable digital content is steadily rising, captivating hearts and minds for a multitude of compelling reasons.

An exquisite digital marvel awaits, dear reader, one that shall grant you the power to infuse your quinceañera invitation with the essence of your very soul. Behold, a wondrous digital download, crafted with meticulous care, that shall bestow upon you the ability to personalize your invitation with effortless grace and unrivaled elegance. In this vast realm of creative possibilities, one can effortlessly discover a template that resonates with their essence, a color scheme that mirrors their soul, a typeface that whispers their story, and a design that encapsulates their very being. The sheer abundance of options at our fingertips ensures that the quest for the perfect invitation becomes an effortless journey of self-expression. As fate would have it, a myriad of possibilities lie before you, dear reader, when it comes to bestowing upon your esteemed visitors the gift of these cherished downloads.

One can effortlessly produce them on the personal computer, and subsequently infuse their own distinctive touch by employing an array of artistic materials, such as delicate ribbons and shimmering glitter. You need not deplete your coffers to imbue each invitation with a personal touch, my dear. One may even seek the aid of cherished ones, for it adds a touch of delight to the afternoon spent in the pursuit of creation.

Digital invitations, with their ethereal essence, possess the power to traverse the vast expanse of cyberspace, effortlessly reaching out to friends and beloved family members, like whispers carried on the winds of various online social networking platforms. The advent of social media platforms has bestowed upon us the remarkable ability to swiftly and effortlessly apprise our dear friends and beloved family members of a delightful gathering, with a mere tap of our fingers upon the mouse. Those fortunate souls who often play host to esteemed guests from distant lands or foreign shores shall undoubtedly find this exquisite arrangement to be of utmost assistance.

Inviting guests to a quinceañera can prove to be quite the ordeal, a task that often leaves one feeling overwhelmed. However, fear not, for there exists an option that promises a swift and effortless resolution to the matter at hand – a solution that shall ensure the invitations for this grand celebration are handled with utmost ease and efficiency. In the realm of artistic expression, you possess the freedom to unleash your creative spirit while crafting these masterpieces. Whether you choose to disseminate them through the timeless medium of traditional mail or embrace the digital age by sharing them on online platforms, the choice is yours to make.

Our editors have made a compilation of the most compelling motives that shall surely entice you to acquire a digital download of your exquisite creation:

  • The realm of personalization becomes effortlessly navigable with the vast array of diverse layouts, captivating color palettes, exquisite typefaces, and an assortment of other artistic elements at one’s disposal.
  • The wondrous capability to craft one’s own imprints and disseminate content through the vast realm of social media are but a mere glimpse into the myriad avenues of distribution that are gracefully unveiled by the enchanting realm of digital downloads.
  • Guests residing in far-flung corners of the world, or even across international borders, now find themselves effortlessly graced with invitations to grand events, courtesy of the omnipresent realm of social media.
  • When it comes to the arrangement and dissemination of the invitation through digital downloads, you possess the liberty to unleash your creativity in any manner that pleases you.

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¡Bienvenido a Quinceanera-Invitations.com! Nos especializamos en proveer invitaciones y papelería para quinceañera impresas profesionalmente. Si estás planeando una celebración tradicional de 15 años, querrás que la invitación sea especial y personalizada. Nuestras invitaciones están diseñadas e impresas para que puedas personalizar la plantilla con todos los detalles necesarios como fecha, hora, lugar y cualquier otra información que quieras incluir. Con varios estilos, diseños, colores, materiales y tamaños para elegir, tenemos todo lo que necesita para combinar con el tema o la decoración de su fiesta. No pierdas la oportunidad de hacer que la fiesta de quince años de tu hija sea inolvidable, ¡encarga hoy mismo tus invitaciones personalizadas!

Temas que importan

Estamos dedicados a proporcionarte las mejores ideas de diseño de quinceañeras para que tu día especial sea aún más memorable. Una quinceañera es un hito importante en la vida de cada joven latina, y entendemos la importancia de tener invitaciones perfectas que capturen la esencia de esta ocasión trascendental. Con nuestra experta colección, puedes encontrar inspiración para diseños creativos que reflejen tu estilo único, mientras te mantienes fiel a la tradición. Tanto si busca invitaciones elegantes y sofisticadas como divertidas y vibrantes, tenemos algo para todos los gustos.

Nuestro objetivo es ayudarte a causar una impresión duradera en tus invitados desde el primer anuncio de tu celebración de quinceañera. Cuando echas un vistazo a nuestra selección de diseños personalizados, ¡es fácil inspirarse!

Y aquí están algunas de nuestras categorías más populares.

Baile de máscaras

Una fiesta de quince años es una celebración tradicional que marca la transición de la niñez a la edad adulta en la cultura latinoamericana. La invitación juega un papel crucial a la hora de establecer el tono y el tema de la fiesta. Para aquellos que quieran celebrar su quinceañera con un tema de baile de máscaras, hay varias opciones disponibles.

El diseño debe incluir elementos que reflejen el tema de un baile de máscaras. Esto puede incluir máscaras ornamentadas, plumas y otros detalles elegantes. La invitación también puede incorporar colores asociados a los bailes de máscaras, como el dorado, el plateado, el negro o el morado oscuro.

En cuanto a la redacción, las invitaciones pueden incluir frases como “Estás invitada a mi baile de máscaras de quinceañera” o “Únete a mí para una noche de misterio y glamour”. Es importante asegurarse de que se incluye toda la información relevante, como la fecha, la hora y el lugar del evento.

A la hora de elegir el tipo de invitación, hay varias opciones disponibles en función del presupuesto y las preferencias. Cuando haga su pedido, tendrá pleno control sobre el tipo de papel y otras características utilizadas cuando se produzca su pedido. Alternativamente, también puedes hacer uso de nuestra oferta downloabalbe, que te proporciona una copia digital lista para imprimir, perfecta para los entusiastas del bricolaje que quieran crear sus propias invitaciones utilizando materiales seleccionados a mano, como papel cartulina y adornos decorativos.

En general, la selección de invitaciones de quinceañera con el tema del Baile de Máscaras ofrece un montón de oportunidades creativas para establecer un tono inolvidable para esta importante celebración en la vida de una joven.

Princesa Disney

Nuestra selección de invitaciones para quinceañera con el tema Princesas Disney ofrece una amplia variedad de opciones para elegir a la hora de planear tu celebración de cuento de hadas. Estas invitaciones son perfectas para aquellas jovencitas que sueñan con tener una fiesta temática de cuento de hadas. Nuestras opciones de Princesas Disney incluyen a todas las princesas Disney famosas, como Cenicienta, Blancanieves, Bella, Jasmine y muchas más.

Las opciones vienen en diferentes colores, diseños y estilos para adaptarse a cualquier preferencia personal. Algunos son relucientes y brillantes, con detalles dorados o plateados, mientras que otros son más sencillos, con colores pastel y adornos florales. La mayoría de los diseños incluyen una foto de la quinceañera o de la princesa que está representando.

El texto de la plantilla se puede personalizar fácilmente para adaptarlo a la ocasión. Por lo general, incluye información importante como la fecha, la hora, el lugar, el atuendo solicitado y los detalles de RSVP. Algunas opciones incluso incluyen citas de películas o canciones famosas de Disney.

Nuestras invitaciones de quinceañera con temática de Princesas Disney ofrecen un toque mágico a cualquier celebración. Son perfectas para aquellos que quieren crear un evento inolvidable para el día especial de sus hijas mientras se mantienen fieles a sus historias favoritas de la infancia.


Esta selección de diseños con el tema Charra es una opción popular para quienes desean celebrar este importante hito en la vida de su hija. Este tema refleja la cultura tradicional mexicana y muestra la elegancia y belleza del estilo Charra.

Las invitaciones de Quinceañera con tema Charra están disponibles en una variedad de diseños, colores y materiales que se adaptan a cualquier preferencia y presupuesto. Algunos diseños presentan intrincados patrones florales, mientras que otros tienen ornamentados detalles en papel dorado que añaden un toque extra de lujo.

Las invitaciones con temática charra suelen presentar elementos como caballos, sombreros y ropa tradicional mexicana. El texto de estas invitaciones también se puede personalizar para incluir mensajes que reflejen la personalidad y los intereses de la quinceañera.

Nuestras opciones con temática charra también pueden incluir tarjetas de confirmación de asistencia, sobres y notas de agradecimiento. Además, hay muchos otros artículos de coordinación disponibles, incluyendo centros de mesa, decoraciones, recuerdos de la fiesta y mucho más.

Elegir invitaciones de Quinceañera con el tema de la Charra es una gran manera de celebrar este evento especial, honrando las tradiciones mexicanas y mostrando tu estilo único.

Las invitaciones para la quinceañera son una parte importante de la celebración. En nuestra tienda, ofrecemos una amplia variedad de diseños que te permiten tener el control total sobre cómo se ven y se sienten tus invitaciones. Desde los colores hasta las fuentes, puedes personalizar cada detalle para hacer que tus invitaciones sean únicas y especiales para tu celebración de quince años. Además, nuestros profesionales están listos para ayudarte en cualquier momento si necesitas asistencia o consejo. ¡No esperes más para empezar a diseñar tus invitaciones de quince años personalizadas!